Thursday, 17 September 2009

National Cupcake Week

Hey, did you know today is National Cupcake Week?!

Miss K texted me this morning to let me know this very exciting information.

Cupcakes are rather fashionable right now with everyone jumping on the bandwagon offering decorating courses, baking courses and even how-to-go-into-business courses.

I originally turned to cupcakes, ditching the Victoria sponge in the process, when I moved in to my current flat with the Barbie Dreamhouse oven. With heating elements at the side and no temperature gauge, I was sick and tired of burnt cake on the outside and raw cake on the inside.

As a result, I haven't baked a proper cake for years, just cupcakes, which is why guess people think of me when they hear things Like it being National Cupcake Week.

Anyway, the week has really flown by. I am in my penultimate week of blogging for and can't believe how quickly it's gone by. This week I was up until all hours making a video presentation of my product review, which you can see here. It did have a lovely soundtrack but I got slapped for copyright by Warner and it got removed. It really is amazing how these big companies can watch your every move.

Anyway, all I've got left to do is one more review and a lovely trip to a London Fashion Weekend, and then... that's it!


Time really does fly when you're having fun.

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