Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Make mine a mead

Last night I had the most marvelous dinner with London Aunt, the Scientific Chef and Event Whizz. It was six courses long and included a blowtorched steak.

Up until last night, I had never had blowtorched steak. Nor had I had duck cooked in a water bath at the perfect temperature for the protein bonding or something scientificky.

There was also a spicy pumpkin soup, some sort of amazing paté and poached pears with crème fraiche and chilli chocolate to finish.

The Scientific Chef excelled himself. He whipped up dishes quicker than a flash, served up wine to complement each course and finally, from the bees that reside in his back garden, we had mead.

I LOVE MEAD! And with the BBC recently reporting that it’s making a come back, we were right on trend, too!

Seriously, you can see why people got so blotto on it in the olden days. It’s a sweet tasting liquid that kicks like a mule as it goes down.


I’d heartily recommend that you try some as soon as possible…

And on that note, I’m off to meet the Singing Swede and GBman for a night of revelry. The absence of mead shall be dealt with by the presence of wine.


Have a sunshiny evening, peeps.


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Anonymous said...

Fellow Deaf mead lover here! Not sure if I can post the link here, but I wrote a post entitled "Got Mead?" on my own blog - Deaf Pagan Crossroads - some time ago, sharing my own love for this "nectar of the gods." I came across a bottle of a local mead made here in Kentucky recently and of course had to buy it and sample. Wasn't bad at all! Mead...yummo.

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