About me

Meet Deaf Girly

Who am I?

Deafinitely Girly is an alter ego I created back in 2008 as a way to write about the funny deaf-related things that happen to me (and to sometimes vent my frustrations). I write for Hearing Times, have done stuff for NDCS and contributed to Scope's End the Awkward campaign. And once, a long time ago, I won a Superdrug Loves Summer blogging competition. I am available for commissions and comments so do get in touch at deafinitelygirly@gmail.com.

What do I do?

I blog mainly about what I get up to as a deaf person in London. But I've also campaigned successfully for things like vibrating pagers in London Walk-in Centres and met with PALS to talk about accessible services for deaf people. While I shout about things that aren't right, I also shout about the thing that are. When companies get it right. Apps make a difference. Twitter comes through. Things like that.

What about that John Lewis petition?

Ah yes – back in 2016, I set a petition after reading that John Lewis was allegedly going to close its haberdashery departments.... to date it's had more than 5,000 signatures and I met with John Lewis peeps who reassured me that no haberdashery would be closed. Read more on that here.

What about that book I've written?

Yep, I've written a book. It's romantic fiction and I'm in the middle of a massive redraft after some excellent feedback. Hopefully one day Deaf Girly will be in book format. Keep your fingers crossed.

What do I get angry about?

Inaccessible services. Lack of subtitles for online content. When phone calls are the only way. When someone eats the last Tunnocks Caramel Wafer.

What makes me happy?

Tunnocks Caramel Wafers. FJM. My hearing aids. Not wearing my hearing aids. Writing. Twitter and all the lovely Twitter peeps I follow and who follow me. Scarves – you can never have to many you know. Afternoon tea.

Where else you can find me:

Buying Tunnocks Caramel Wafers in Poundland

Want to get in touch?

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