Thursday 7 February 2013

Deaf Girly and the vibrating alarm clock

Last night, my vibrating alarm clock went rogue.


Gosh, that sentence sounds so much worse than it is.

With a spate of early starts recently, I'm relying on this little gadget more than ever to shake me from my, quite simply, comatose slumber in order to make sure I can fit the maximum amount of stuff into my day.

On Wednesday morning, it failed. Luckily my three back-up iPhone alarms did not, but these go off in sequence 10 minutes later then my vibrating alarm clock, meaning I was behind schedule.

Last night, after a gentle text reminder from an ace mate, I changed the batteries on my vibrating alarm clock to ensure there was no chance of it not going off, but just to be safe, I also set four iPhone alarms.


Perhaps but let's not underestimate my need for sleep right now.

So the alarm was bright and alert with its new triple A batteries in meaning I could go to sleep safe in the knowledge that I'd be shaken awake at...


Hmm yes, my alarm clock was having a laugh but it went off, almost as if it was chuckling 'haha! Got you!' at me in the process.

Sitting up in bed, checking every clock in my room (my twitter followers will know that most clocks in my flat don't work) I struggled to work out what had happened.

I then lay down and went to sleep until...


when my little alarm clock woke me up. This time around, seemingly laughing its head off...

Angry and tired by this point, my stealth-like arm shot under the pillow and hit the off button before resetting the alarm for 6.03, which let's face it sounds so much better than 6 flat, and tried to go back to sleep.

I slept through 6.03. Indeed I slept through until 6.11 when my trusty iPhone bounced away on my bedside table. As I checked the news online, I waited for my alarm clock to shake.


Then finally, at 6.43, when I was showered and had hearing aids in, I heard a strange low purring sound. Following it, as best I could, I tracked it to my bed, to under my pillow, to find my alarm clock, going off...



Tomorrow I have to be up super early.

I have an out-of-London meeting.


There's no maximum number of alarms you can have on an iPhone? Right?

*puts alarm clock in the bin

Friday 1 February 2013

Wanted! Some ears...

Today, on the first Thankful Friday of February (pinch, punch etc etc ) there's one thing I'm very thankful for. And that is that Pa is out of hospital and on the mend.

This time last Friday, when I met The Rents and Big Bro in Southampton before a wedding, he was anything but on the mend, suffering from a bad chest infection and in pain from falling backwards down the stairs two days before.

Pa and weddings do not go well together and usually involve hospital trips.

This time he missed the wedding reception - an amazing extravaganza of a meal in the most gorgeous hotel.


But like I said, he's on the mend.

So what else am I thankful for?

Certainly not my latest car insurance quote - almost £700...


People of London, is this normal for a 1ltr tiny 8 year old car that drives 2,000 miles a year maximum and lives on a leafy street in west London?

My fab Facebook friends who live elsewhere in the UK have all told me theirs are all half that, even though they drive much flashier cars and use them for things like commuting.


So is it just the London postcode?

Or is it because a woman reversed into my car when I wasn't even in it and her insurance company paid up without even questioning it?

I wish I knew.

I wish I could call and find out,

But I can't, so I'm going to recruit some ears to find out for me... Providing the insurance company will talk to someone else on my behalf.

Nearly £700...


Happy Friday everyone


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