Monday 17 June 2013

Sleep walking Deaf Girly

Today, I'm not feeling my usual beamy self.

When I woke up this morning I felt nothing short of exhausted. I had gone to bed at 11pm. Not too late. And had no specific reason to feel so tired. Or so I thought.

Regular readers will know that back in April I starting using a Jawbone UP, a wristband that tracks my steps and sleep pattern by measuring tiny movements. It then transfers this data via the headphone socket on my iPhone to an app.

This is amazing for many reasons. One because it shows me just how sedentary my daily lifestyle can be, but two because when I walk 25,000 steps like I did on Saturday, its very very satisfying to see this in its digital glory.

The sleep monitoring thing however really came into its own last night, because right there in the middle of the blue graphs that depict deep and light sleep was 40 minutes of awake time. And according to the step measure, I walked 273 steps.

I. Do. Not. Remember. This.

So sleepwalking for DG is nothing new. In my previous flat I often woke up in the communal hallway or having fallen down the 4 steps between the bedroom and the kitchen. But never before have I seen actually proof of my wanderings.

What did I do last night?

In my dream, I was in the Waldorf Astoria in New York and I was trying to help someone find their way through a dark and dingy basement. Go figure, huh?

In my dream, I kept thinking about how much I wanted to lie down, but still I kept walking through this dark and dingy basement.

And in reality it appears I was walking though my dark and dingy flat.

But what was I doing?

I have five bruises on my legs this morning. They are corner-shaped ones. The type you get when you walk into the edge of something. Which I guess is highly possible given that even in my dream I believed I was stumbling about in the dark.

Short of installing night vision Big Brother style cameras in my flat, I will probably never know just how I clocked up my 273 steps last night, or just what bit of furniture I walked into.

But it is reassuring to know why I feel quite so tired today. I mean I thought I went to bed at a responsible hour and slept for 7 hours straight.

Now I know about my little walkabout in the middle it makes more sense.

It doesn't make me less tired. But it definitely makes more sense.

I'm now off to Starbucks to order a gallon of coffee.

Happy Monday peeps


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