Friday, 5 October 2012

A very thankful Friday

Today is thankful Friday and whoa, where to start, eh?

Its been a bit of a roller-coaster week if I'm honest with a lot of thinking, a lot of hoping and some crazy dreams thrown into the mix as well.

Perhaps what I am most thankful for is that the way that my new hearing aids have seemlessly blended into my life.

There's none of the panic that I've had in the past of missing my old way of hearing. When I've taken them off at night so far, I haven't freaked out. I've kind of gone 'aaaaahhhhhhh' and settled down for a nice sleep.

I also wake up and find myself grinning at them, sat there on my bedside table and I've got a routine, too – they go in just before I switch off BBC Breakfast news and so far, I have been completely amazed by the difference in sound.

It's quite bonkers!

So I'm thankful for the techy peeps at Phonak. I mean, they've succeeded where no hearing aid maker has ever succeeded before. They've bridged a gap for me I never thought would be bridged. It's not just any old bridge either. It's a melodic, harmonious, bells, pips and whistles bridge.

My mind is blown.

I'm insanely thankful for you lot, too. You know who you are, you marvellous people and there'll be cupcakes for you all...

at my Accidental Wedding… in April. 

Have a great weekend peeps.


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