Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cold showers aren't fun

Phew, boy do I feel invigorated this morning after a cold shower and hair wash! At one point I thought my brain was going to shut down, the water was that cold!

Luckily however, I have a boiler man booked on Thursday to hopefully fix the problem – at great expense...

Plumbers it seems are like supermodels – they don’t get out of bed for less than a set amount.

Oh the joys of flat owning.

Recently however, I've noticed how much better I've been sleeping in my little flat. And I think part of this is to do with lack of worrying when I settle down at night – largely due to my fire alarm system. You see, by having the vibrating pad under my pillow and flashing light by my bed, I am totally prevented from lying awake for a few minutes thinking about whether or not there’ll be a fire and if I'll wake up and if anyone will rescue me before I drown in smoke – like the gruesome TV advert.

Now, I know that this is no longer an issue, so I have one less pre-slumber worry!


So anyway, this week, apart from the cold showers, is going well. This morning I ran 3 ½ miles, just half a mile shy of my race length, and apart from a wavering moment two thirds of the way around, I really enjoyed it.

And the best thing is how I feel afterwards.




All great ways to start the day.

Indeed, I was feeling great until that cold shower…

Roll on Thursday!

1 comment:

angie said...

wow good for you girly. Hope all is mended soon and gald you are sleeping so well.

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