Tuesday, 6 April 2010

As good as new

Well, another Easter is over, chocolate has been consumed and fun has been had, and now it's back to normality.

What's nice about this morning's normality is that the sun is shining and the birds are most very likely to be singing. It's also Tuesday, so we're one step closer to the weekend already.

Anyway as you know, this weekend, my Ma was visiting and she brought her hearing aids with her as they've recently been turned up. She complained that everything was too loud, but looking back, I think she did a lot better than normal, and it was back to me saying pardon most of the time instead of her.

However, it reminded me that while they can help, they're still don't make everything perfect in the same way that glasses do.

I mean, without my glasses, there quite frankly is no world. In some ways, I can't wait for the day that hearing aids are as good at glasses. Then all I'd have to do was sort out my Crohn's and then I'd be as good as new.

Here's hoping eh? Here's hoping.

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