Wednesday 31 March 2010

I said, brrr it's cold out there

Today is my Friday as it's my last day of work before the Easter break.


Today I am thankful and VERY happy because Friend Who Knows Big Words, Gingerbread Man and I finally won the pub quiz last night!

After time after time of coming second to a bunch of alleged Google-cheaters, we finally won!

And even better, I actually knew some of the answers because it didn't centre totally around sport or audio clips – thanks to a new quiz master.

In fact, the whole quiz is deaf friendly, mainly because right from the start of this new guy doing the quiz, I have drummed it into him, and spoken up when he’s been out of sight and I can’t lipread. That means, that I hear everything. It’s therefore the best pub quiz I’ve ever been to – and my friends agree too, as they don’t have to keep relaying the questions to me.

Anyway, blogging from my iPhone is tricky today because my fingers are numb – it is so flipping cold! I know I haven't rabbitted on about the weather for quite some time now – Miss K used to think I was bonkers – but seriously, it's April tomorrow... I want teenage temperatures not preschool ones.

And on that note – I’m just off to sit on the radiator. It’s the only thing for it.

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