Tuesday 16 March 2010

Hearing(?!) a clock tick!

Ooh, today the weather feels positively spring-like don't you think?

This was definitely reflected in my lack of layers when I went running this morning. I'm improving every time I go now, although I'm still not completely won over by this whole running thing...

Today I'm thinking about the weekend... already! You see, it's gonna be another weekend of DIY as I attempt to put right yet another piece of shoddy workmanship in my flat done by a previous owner.

And to help me with this one is DIY expert, Onion Soup Mate. Together with FSA Boy, she is renovating her own lovely house and having just done her bathroom, I reckoned she was the expert to ask for help with mine!

I will of course be doing some work, too, but I shall mostly be doing what I'm told.

Anyway, as I was lying in bed last night, I heard(?!) the strangest noise. ‘Tap, tap, tap, tap’ it went. My heart was in my mouth as I wondered if it was my heating again, but thankfully the heating had been off for some time, and it was a different tap. (At ease, Blanco!)

I got up to investigate, noticing that it got louder in the hallway. ‘Tap, tap, tap’ it went.

High and low I looked until my ears and eyes finally came to rest on a bright pink cuckoo clock given to me by NikNak for my birthday.

I've never really heard a clock tick before. Not since before I lost lots of my hearing, and certainly not without holding it up right to my ear.

How could this be?

And then it clicked. In my unsupervised DIY mania, I had put the clock up on a hollow wall, which was acting as an amplifier... even for deaf old me!


But then of course, I was torn between so happy I could hear something like a clock ticking but also not being able to sleep because of it.

In the end I reached a compromise. By day, the clock ticks and by night, time stands still.

I wonder what else I can nail to the wall to make it louder?!


Miss Brodie said...

Careful! Can your neighbours hear the amplified sound too?

Anonymous said...

now let me see!

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