Monday 1 March 2010

New beginings

Phew, today's post is late because I have the day off and am recovering from my amazing weekend in Barcelona.

More will be revealed on the weekend for my blog so I won't give too much away. But it was absolutely brilliant - from the amazing room overlooking one of the nicest streets in central Barcelona, to the literally life-changing visit to see some of Gaudi's work.

We even found some time to stay out partying until 3am, with me telling London Aunt our hotel was just around the corner continuously for 10 minutes as there were no taxis.

Barcelona gave me a chance to really think about things - what I want, how I react to stuff and how easy it is to change things.

And today I started on one tiny thing I have been thinking about doing for a year, but have never done.


Knowing that if I just went out and ran, I would fall over after 30 seconds, I have found a beginners programme and today I got started. And, do you know what? Once I got over the weirdness of wondering if everyone was looking at the red-faced girl hotfooting it through the park, I really enjoyed it. Just me and my egg timer - an odd running companion I know, but I have to do interval running apparently and build up slowly.

It's step one of my new beginnings...

I'll keep you posted on the others.

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