Monday, 4 July 2016

Deaf Girly and 4th July

Eighteen years ago today, two of my favourite people got married. On Independence Day. The very best date for those two people.

It was amazing. It was hot and sunny. Everyone was happy.

And I played my flute during the signing of the register. It was one of the last times I played my flute in public. And it was definitely the best time.

Sometimes you live specific days and don't realise the significance of them at the time. That day is one of them.  A day where everyone was happy. Even Pa who got more than a couple of parking tickets on his car. Even the happy couple who could have paid for their honeymoon with the bill for the cigars. And even the guests who had to sit through the most insane 15 minutes of interpretive singing ever.

Happy Anniversary you two. I love you.


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