Wednesday 20 July 2016

Deaf Girly and the cinema

Regular readers will know that I love going to the cinema but rarely go due to the lack of times and venues showing the movies I want with subtitles. And I know I am not alone in my plight.

Recently, I've been keeping quite erratic working hours which rather brilliantly means I've been able to attend the 3pm screenings of movies with subtitles, but with my working hours now returning to normal, I'm back to needing evening screenings. And they are rare as hens' teeth.

Like most of us, YourLocalCinema is my go-to website for subtitled showings and when the new movie Absolutely Fabulous arrived on the big screen, I was desperate to go. The first week, there were no showings local to me – or at a time I could make.

I tweeted Vue to ask whether they would be showing any subtitled showings of Ab Fab and to be fair, they were great at getting back to me. They asked me where I wanted to go, and I chose a massive cinema complex, thinking that the many screens would mean at least one could be given over to subtitles for the evening.

And they tweeted back to let me know that there was as subtitled screening at 6.45pm in the evening one day this week. Who goes to the cinema at 6.45pm? Who runs out of work at breakneck speed and legs it, without a drink or any time for dinner to sit through a two hour movie?

Well apparently, cinemas think that deaf people do. But not this deaf person. All I want is to go to the cinema in the evening. About 8pm or later, so I've got time to come home from work, have a bite to eat, buy some extremely calorific snacks and head off to see a movie with FJM. A proper date night. An evening out.

And so, while staking out the YourLocalCinema website, I have finally found a cinema that has put on a showing at a civilised 'date time' – that's not a mad dash from work, and that will hopefully sell calorific snacks in abundance.

Hopefully this week will be the week I get to watch Absolutely Fabulous. More than two weeks after it opened at cinemas. Hopefully it will be Absolutely Fabulous.

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