Wednesday 30 April 2008

Deaf rage

Something very odd happens to me when I discover non-accessible services for deaf people – my face gets very hot and turns bright red – the colour of Santa’s trousers, my ears start to burn and I feel a surging wall of rage coming from the ends of my toes.
It then travels my body and comes out of my mouth usually in a fairly eloquent but not polite rant…
Ooooh it makes me so cross!

Take the time I emailed my local council about getting a permit renewed – I sent them a polite note about how I couldn’t hear and as there was only an information phone line could they please help me. So they did, by sending me the telephone number I needed to call.

Now, bearing in mind this was a disability permit that I was applying for I was fairly astonished at this response and so, as a result sent a curt email back…
Two weeks later, I chased it up again only to be told it had been referred to the correct person…
two weeks later, NOTHING!
So I chased the right person and still nothing!

And so today I reached boiling point, I stamped up and down the office, doing my work while silently fuming at the dumbness of some people – and then I emailed housemate – who for future reference and accolades has a fabulous pair of ears that work and so helps me often – and she called them.

And, in two seconds flat the problem was sorted, the form was in the post and all was calm – except me! I am still fuming, trying to find a vent for all this pent-up anger and frustration that doesn’t involve chocolate and weight gain.

Yoga? Tried that and not surprisingly from the position of the downward dog, I was quite unable to lip read anything except housemate’s obvious suffocation expressions due to the farting woman in front of her.

Deep breathing? Does this make anyone else feel dizzy?

So, instead I’ve booked a climbing session with fab friend who actually wears her hearing aids and I’m going to hum and climb. It really is quite relaxing – last week I hummed Amy Winehouse as I went.
This week, while working out just how to complain to my local council, I’m going to be humming The Bitch Is Back.

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