Thursday 21 August 2008

Deaf or not deaf?

Today I was on the bus listening to the Gabe Dixon Band on my new Pinkberry. I have to have it playing quite loud so was very worried about other passengers getting cross – no one sat next to me the whole journey.

I turned it down, still no one sat next to me – so I turned it back up.

Halfway through the journey a ticket inspector boarded the bus and asked to see everyone’s ticket – I have my disabled one – I had headphones in my ears and I could see him eyeing me trying to work out what I’ve got…

It made me feel a bit of a fraud…

If I have trouble believing my deafness, what of other people? Do they think I am a fraud, too? When I achieve something do people question whether I really am deaf?

I had these worries, thoughts and questions for all of five seconds because on getting off the bus I nearly got run over by a police car, didn’t hear a bloke asking me to move out of the way and blanked a colleague in the street.

I am deafinitely deaf alright.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yep and we love you for it . life is never boring and if others don't understand that is there loss! X

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