Thursday 27 November 2008

Bootful of woe



Sorry, but I have just discovered that my legs are outsize!

You see, I was hankering after some nice winter boots but I can’t get any to zip up around my calves – I am told they don’t look fat, but as Shakira says, the zips don’t lie… or that’s what I heard anyway.

Now, I measured my calf circumference and whacked it into Google, alongside the word ‘boots’ and do you know what came up (apart from quite a lot of porn sites – how rude!)?

A disability boot to fit over a plaster cast!

So that means that my leg is the circumference of a normal person’s leg with plaster cast over the top.


Now, the laws of common sense tell me that there’s not a lot I can do about this – one particularly dubious internet site suggested I stopped eating and let my body consume the muscle instead – but I don’t think that’s a plan. And another even more dubious site claimed to cure big calves with a tablet, twice a day.


Now, I know there are various places that offer circumference-fit boots for larger legs – but these all cost so much! Why can’t I get a pair of bog-standard boots for my larger legs, except Evans (I don’t like any there)?

I also have one more concern – I am going skiing this winter and what happens if I break my leg? How am I going to find a disability boot to fit round my width-of-a-plaster-cast leg that now has a plaster cast on?

Suggestions on a postcard please!


Anonymous said...

How I sympathize! Must run in the family. I am cringing in advance as my plan is to shop for boots on Saturday... Last time I just bought the one pair I could zip!

Anonymous said...

Now if Gok could get hold of you Im sure he would tell you to celebrate your curvaceous calves!

Anonymous said...

Your legs may be outsized but your waist is minute! Which do we see more of!!

Anonymous said...
They measure your calves and have a shop in London :-)
Hope it helps!

Me said...

I once bought a rubbish pair from them...not recommended by me French Cousin 2 xxxx

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