Monday 10 October 2011

Deafinitely Girly's amazing weekend

Wow, what a wonderful weekend I had.

Busy – check

Hungover – check

Fun-filled – check

Friend-filled – check

Food-filled – check

So all the perfect ingredients were there, and just for good measure I threw in a trip to Ikea with the French Man.

I know, I know, Ikea and a raging Saturday hangover might now seem like the brightest idea, but actually it all worked out well, as theres a surprisingly large number of places to sit and lie down while walking around Ikea and I think I utilised them all.

The trip to Ikea was actually for plants. Ever since Swiss Man from Japan recounted his plant buying expedition, I have been feeling my own need to go plant buying there and so, armed with the French Man for advice and carrying skills, I set off.

And I bought a giant plant masquerading as a Yucca that isnt a Yucca – and I love it. Its actually called Ralph and is residing in my sitting room trying his hardest to get in the way of the TV.

Buying a real live plant is a big commitment to me. Before this, Ive had chilli plants, peace lilies, a lavender, and even a goldfish called Charlie but invariably, I give them all up to people better able to care for them.

I am commitment phobic of caring for living things. Even the mice in my flat move on eventually.

So Ralph, the non-Yucca, is a big deal for me.

Also this weekend I saw some of the best people in London – NikNak and Country Boy 1, Friend Who Knows Big Words, The Singing Swede and GB Man. To say my meetings with them were restorative would be a massive understatement. It was their chats over cups of tea, curry and Jaffa Cakes that kept me moving forward on a weekend where I would have otherwise spent the whole time sleeping.

And now, theres more exciting news. The Girl That Cant Help But Knit has popped in for a visit – bringing of course her knitting with her. Its fab to catch up and hear about the amazing adventure shes about to embark on. Travelling around the world with 18 men CANNOT be a bad thing, surely?

So all thats left for me to do is wish you a happy Monday. I hope this week will be a 5-day blog week – theres deafinitely lots of fun things in store



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