Friday 15 June 2012

Thankful Friday is here!

Today is Thankful Friday and unfortunately I may have to start with what I'm not thankful for… and that is that I'm writing this from the bus this morning with a rather soggy sleeve. 

You see, there I was walking down my road for the bus when I felt a thud on my right arm.

It was pigeon crap!

Naturally I wasn't overly thrilled at my All Saints (TK Maxx bargain) mac being covered in crap and for a moment I stood stock still, starting at the gooey gunk on my sleeve.

'What to do?' I thought, already 5 minutes from home and not wanting to add time by going back to change.

And then I remembered I had a bottle of water in my bag. So there, in the road, I tipped it over my arm, using a Robert Dyas receipt to scrape off the excess and trying not to retch at the thought of what I was actually doing.


Naturally this impromptu washing attempt of my sleeve drew some stares. A man had actually stopped to watch what I was doing.

'Pigeon crap' I explained, and he nodded in sympathy before wandering on.

Eventually after much water sloshing, some of which went down my jeans and boots, my jacket was clean, with a little bit of a blue tinge from the ink of the Robert Dyas receipt. But I can cope with that… I think. 

I just can't cope with pigeon crap.

I guess what I should be thankful for though is that it crapped on my sleeve, not in my hair, and that I actually had a bottle of water in my bag.

And that, coupled with a fabulous weekend in London planned,  makes for a very Thankful Friday indeed.

Have a good one peeps.


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