Tuesday 2 April 2013

Leaving my hearing aids out

Today is Tuesday, except it feels like Monday. Yesterday felt like Sunday, and as I have Thursday and Friday off work, I predict that by next Monday I will be utterly confused and only able to function if my Filofax is superglued to my hand.

For example, tomorrow I have a hair cut. It is a very important hair cut as on Saturday I have a very important wedding. Not my wedding of course. But I am chief bridesmaid and so need to look respectable. Right now, I look like an unkempt terrier. This is not a good look.

Anyway, on account of the days of the week all switching places, I thought my haircut was today, which would have been fine. Tomorrow however is NOT fine, as I have a load of meetings in not London.

Are you lost yet? Good, because that means I've got company.

So, as I was saying, basically I need to fit in quite a lot of stuff into this week, which isn't a week, which doesn't start on a Monday and which, at some point needs to involve a hair cut.

Regular readers will know that in my last post I was a bit glum about my hearing aids. I realised how dependent I was becoming on them and felt guilty that I wasn't enough the way I was.

Well as I write this, I am not wearing my hearing aids. I have not worn my hearing aids for three whole days. This is mainly because I have run out of batteries, but it's also because I fancied a break.

You see, I love that my hearing aids help me in my day job. I love that they make everything easier to follow. I love that, when my hair is tied back, they effortlessly raise awareness of my deafness. They act as a reminder that I need to lipread and that sometimes I might get completely lost in the middle of a meeting.

But when I am off duty and the company of people who know me better than anyone, I have decided to go hearing aid free. This means that at weekends, I'm going to be the old me. I won't hear the ringtone on my iPhone, the door buzzer, or be able to look down and still have a vague idea of what's going on on the TV. And this is alright.

I think that's the important thing here, too. Keeping in mind that my old world was alright. OK, so when it comes to my day job it was not alright. Hearing aids are invaluable here. But the rest of the time? Well, they can go back in their box.

Give my ears room to breathe.

And aren't I lucky to have that choice.

But now, it's Monday (Tuesday morning) and I have a manic week (2 days) ahead to fit in five days worth of work. So the hearing aids are going in once I have located some batteries.

Have a good one peeps.


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