Monday 2 June 2014

Deaf Girly and subtitled iPlayer programmes

I haven't blogged in ages.

I've been quite busy doing other writing and of course I now have a full-time day job again, but this is most definitely blog worthy.

Last night, while lying in bed unable to sleep, I picked up my iPad and had a quick browse through the App store to see what new and exciting apps were available.

There were none I fancied downloading but I did have a look through the app updates available and one of them was for the iPlayer.

I tapped the arrow to see what the app update included and found myself beaming.

You can now download and watch content offline, with subtitles…


Now, I'm rubbish at updating my apps so this could have been available for quite some time. But it's news to me.

Very welcome news.

When catch-up, on demand and streaming first became available there were no subtitles. I remember when the original iPlayer on the computer didn't have subtitles. And being completely furious and blogging about it regularly.

Then that got subtitles and the app came out. Which didn't. So I complained. Then that got subtitles and the offline downloadable programmes didn't. So I complained.



All this subtitling development has opened up a whole new world of viewing to me. I am halfway through a Netflix free month trial and everything I have wanted to watch so far is subtitled.

Amazing huh?

Sure, there's still things that aren't subtitled. Such as MOST FILMS AT THE CINEMA, MOST OF THE TIME. Virgin Media on demand and movies aren't either. Or they weren't when I checked a few weeks ago.

And I don't think many of the other apps for catch up TV – except for Channel 5 – offer subtitles when viewed on phones or tablets…

But things are getting better.

When I think back to my childhood. To my caption reader, with all its complicated cables. The essential sleepover item if I was going to friends' houses – not exactly conducive to light packing.

Things are so much better.

Which makes me very excited about what is still to come.

Subtitled radio? Personal captions for all films and theatre?

Captioned phone calls without any extra technology?

If any of these things are already available let me know.

In the meantime, I must get back to watching Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, which was on BBC Four last night but I didn't see it.

Instead I have it




On my iPad.


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Fab Friend said...

Whoop!! Progress marches on, pushed by yours and others' campaigning!

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