Wednesday 20 April 2016

Deaf Girly and the vibrating alarm clock

Recently I've been getting up at 5.45am to write, bake and generally fit more into the day. And I'm loving the difference it's making to how much I achieve.

However, FJM is loving it less. You see, my iPhone vibrate isn't loud enough to wake me up. So that means, every morning at 5.45am, my phone goes off, I keep on sleeping like a baby and FJM has to wake me up. Poor guy.

When we first moved in together I had this alarm clock and I loved it. In fact, I had three of these over the years and they were always amazing at waking me up.

Problem is, they are also good at waking FJM up and anyone else who can measure tremors on a Richter scale. Now, I didn't mind waking up to this alarm clock shaking my head into the middle of next week (I was pretty used to it as I'd had one since my late teens), but FJM did, and I honestly don't blame him. I could see that it affected him in the same way that other people are affected by hearing fingernails being run down a blackboard, or that squeak your teeth do when you're chewing on celery. Even just writing the above has me shuddering and I can't hear either of those.

So the alarm clock had to go. And the pathetically bad vibrating iPhone got alarm clock duty.

But it's got me thinking, what other alarm clock options are there out there that aren't so horrific for the other person that they start their day feeling stressed? There have to be other ways of waking up a deaf person without the other person being massively disturbed? And I want to know what they are.

Answers on a postcard... or over Twitter please! :)

Happy humpday peeps


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