Monday 21 July 2008

Deafinitely deafer?

Apologies for the late post – it appears I am now so deaf that I am capable of sleeping through my vibrating alarm clock. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! It meant that I woke late and couldn’t get in early to write.

So here I am chowing down Pret soup in my lunch hour and wondering what else I can’t hear anymore that I used to be able to.

Take yesterday for example – I didn’t hear the announcement at the climbing wall that said it was closing – I don’t normally ‘hear’ it but I can normally hear a muffled ‘phnea fghha-wall is pnew clfining’ type thing – but yesterday I didn’t even get that.


When I get this kind of realisation that something’s changed I normally spend lots of time working out what’s changed – but seeing as work is quite busy at the moment I will have to be content with writing a list and referring to it when I get the chance.

So, as we already know number 1 on the list I can’t hear – my vibrating alarm clock – I know I should be able to feel this too, but it was by my feet this morning for some reason! Then there’s number 2 – the climbing wall announcement.

Next to check should be the volume of the radio in my car I think – it’s usually ridiculously loud, which means when I am at traffic lights I always turn it down really quickly so people can’t hear the classic beats of um… Steps and *cringe Take That coming out of my car, boy-racer stylee!

I guess when I go home to the rents, I will have to hold the cats up to my ears to see if I can still hear them purring (the meowing went years ago). Having said that, this may not work as Merlin is afraid of heights and none of them likes being picked up that much, so I doubt they’ll be purring. They will probably scratch my eyes out too, and then this blog will have to be renamed Deafinitely Blind Girly!

The final test I should do is my flute. Last time I checked I could hear it up to an octave and a half above middle C – the lowest note on the flute. So tonight, I will go home and ramble up and down the scales and see what I can hear – this will technically be practise, too – so I will be multi-tasking.


If I can hear less, I won’t be sad – I will adapt. I will go to the zoo and try and get the lions to purr and I will look into getting an industrial alarm clock and a bass flute…

After all, a girl, deafinitely or not, has got to move with the times.

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Anonymous said...

and you do! don't get to close to the lion.


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