Tuesday 15 July 2008

Deafinitely duvet day

Today I am on holiday... a nice day off to break up the week and it's lovely!

One of the reasons I did this is because Boo, my little black Peugeot is due her first MOT. Lovely Housemate booked her in for this on the phone, which I am very grateful for - shepherds pie will be cooked as a thank you - but I thought it would be easier to take the day off rather than faff about with phone calls to and from the garage all day about the state of my little car. Housemate is a Very-Important-Money-Bod don't you know, so I don't like to ask her very often to make calls for me, even though I know she wouldn't mind at all.

I have left Boo in the capable hands of Merlin and he assures me that she will be fine. And, what's even better is that when she's ready he's going to call my mobile and leave a message and, thanks to a great mobile phone service called Spinvox, I will understand it.

Spinvox is great - it converts speach into text and just a few minutes after a phone call, I get a lovely text message with the number the call came from, the time, and their voice mail all typed out for me.

I only discovered this service a couple of months ago - it was a necessity after a crazy scottish woman kept phoning me and leaving me voicemails that even my hearing friends couldn't understand. Rather bizarrely, after I had got the service, she never called again, and to this day I still don't know what she wanted... I wonder if it was to tell me I had won £1,000,000 or a holiday in the Caribbean?


Right, I'm off to the gym now as the sunny day the BBC promised has, as yet, failed to materialise.

*mental note to self - must try and stop slagging off the BBC

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