Tuesday 28 July 2009

A weekend of hearing

Deafinitely Girly is back after her day of writers' block and raring to go!

It's kind of a relief to tell you the truth, as I was a teeny tiny bit worried about the fact I didn't have anything to say yesterday.

I always have something to say! Hell, I even talk in my sleep!

So anyway, where was I?

Ah my weekend! Well, to be fair, it is the reason I am still yawning and why London Aunt had to kick me out of bed like a lazy teenager this morning, but it was utterly brilliant!

On Saturday, it was Miss K's birthday party, held at a hard-of-hearing person's dream venue.

This bar, in Central London, was all-white inside – the walls, the sofas, the floor, the ceiling – and forget ambience lighting, that was white, too.

It kinda made you feel as though you were inside on a very sunny day, and no matter how loud the music was, I was able to see enough to lipread – quite a novelty when I’m on a night out.

‘Hurrah!’ I thought. ‘This is fun! A bar where I can hear.’

And then, we moved on to a pit of a place, with no lighting and music so loud I almost fell over.

‘Bother,’ I thought. ‘That's the night over for me.’ And I went home – striding past the queue of people clamouring to get in to what I later learned is quite an exclusive establishment.


On Sunday, it was Lovely Freelancer's wedding! I arrived early and parked in the grounds of the big country house where it was being held. The parking signs were more than a little vague and eventually it transpired that I'd parked in the garden, which apparently you're not meant to do. But, because I'd done it, everyone else followed.


Anyway, Lovely Freelancer, being so lovely, reserved me a place on the front row for her ceremony, beside her mum and dad, so I could lipread! I felt incredibly privileged to be able to watch – and hear – her say her vows, and there really wasn't a dry eye in the house.

She looked quite wonderful, too! All glamorous and quite Audrey Hepburn and the grin on her man's face said it all when he spied her for the first time.

I love that moment where the grooms face lights up when he sees the bride for the first time.

And now, a new week has begun. And because I'm tired, I'm hearing less! Yesterday, in my lunch hour a lady came up to me in Next and it took three attempts before I understood what she was asking me. She was foreign with limited English, which meant my admission of being deaf was not understood and she probably thought she'd picked on a crazy lady.

Which to be fair, she probably had!


SpeakUp Librarian said...

A bar for hard of hearing people. Ha, ha.

How kind of Lovely Freelancer to bring you up close for her wedding. I also love that moment when the bridegroom sees his bride. Ahhh....

Anonymous said...

what a lovely friend. She diserves to have a wonderful day.

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