Friday 23 April 2010

Sleeping through my vibrating alarm clock

Today is Thankful Friday and I'm extremely thankful that I woke up at 8.15, just 10 minutes before the latest time I can leave the house for work. Any later and I would have been stuffed, but 10 minutes was enough time to throw on clothes, eat toothpaste and even watch a cat fall out of a tree, but that's a whole other story…

I am quite amazed though, that I managed to sleep through two vibrating alarms without even stirring.0

I must be shattered!

Anyway, today I am also thankful that my toilet is fixed – unfortunately however, my boiler is not.

You see, my foolproof plan of photos and arrows that I sent to the plumbing company, was not so foolproof! The lady who I emailed, ordered the wrong part, in spite of the fact that I checked with her that she had all the information she needed from me.


But I'm getting there gradually with this home-fixing lark, and next time I'll just make sure I send detailed descriptions as well as photos, so that people know what I'm talking about.

The plumbing company, to be fair, were lovely about it. They texted me about things instead of calling and were very apologetic. But all that doesn't fix my heating.


But that's quite enough about that.

I'm off to enjoy my Friday. Hope you do, too.


spratton said...

sorry about boiler but the better weather is coming! Baths eventually fill with kettles!

Unknown07 said...

This was posted on the 23rd, its been exactly two years since your first post! I noticed and thought I'd comment, lol!(yes, I'm a creep)

I absolutely love your blog, they are so hilarious. Makes my day. And I love london, I plan to go there for university! Its my dream place. Anyways, Deafinitely rock on!

xx Jewel

Lannie said...

I love it!

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