Friday 28 January 2011

My amazing Pa

Today, is Bro Bro and Maxi-Clog’s wedding anniversary.

This time five years ago, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and it was very much below freezing on the temperature scale.

It was a truly amazing day – we ate, drank and were merry; feasting on chocolate brownie cake and sipping bubbles.

Memories of that day still filter back whenever I hear the music Big Bro and Maxi Clog had for their first dance, and many of the special touches I have passed on to friends as great ideas to incorporate in their own big days.

What this anniversary also means is that it’s five years since Pa redesigned his nose and eye socket on the bar in the hotel where the wedding was being held. There we were, the morning after the wedding, when we suddenly heard an almighty crash and I saw Pa, flying through the air towards the bar, which he duly head-butted and actually dented.

It wasn’t the best end to the weekend. Alas, we had to leave him and Ma in hospital and return to the UK without them as he had cocaine-soaked sheets stuffed up his nose to numb it before they gradually realigned the shattered pieces.

And so, it’s kinda odd that five years almost to the day, my Pa is back in hospital, but this time instead of a newly designed nose, he has a newly-designed hip! And not only that, but he’s doing so well with it that they are letting him out today, just three days after the operation.


My Pa’s resilience to everything life throws at him never ceases to amaze me. He is quite fabulous, and I hope that when he reads this, he gives himself a pat on the back for getting through this latest challenge with amazing gusto.

And so I guess today, on Thankful Friday, I am thankful for my amazing Pa! He's quite splendid and I can't wait to see him, and his new hip, soon.



la-mangue said...

I'm so confused... "cocaine-soaked sheets"?! Apologies if I've missed a joke...! :)

Me said...

Hallo! No joke!!! Apparently it was to numb his nose... :-( poor guy!

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