Friday 11 February 2011

Deaf Girl y's Thankful Friday

Today is Thankful Friday and I am thankful that I have a fun weekend ahead of seeing London Aunt and the Singing Swede.

It’s been a week of birthdays, too. It was Big Bro’s, London Aunt’s and Web Whizz’s yesterday and tomorrow, it’ll be Gingerbreadman’s turn to blow out the candles. Hurrah!

I am also thankful that London Cousin 1 has got into her first choice of secondary school – she worked her little socks off for the exams and it’s definitely paid off. It’s strange to think that in September she will be in Year 7. It seems no time ago since I used to help look after her in the early months when London Aunt was still getting used to life with a newborn.

Anyway, I spoke to Big Bro on Skype last night and we were reminiscing about the birthdays we had spent together. On one of his birthdays he had a ski jump cake complete with a Playmobil man hurtling down it, and he also seemed to spend most of his birthdays sick. There was chicken pox, mumps, and various other catching ailments. If I remember correctly, this tended to dictate who was present at his parties. If they’d had it, they could come, if they hadn’t, they couldn’t!

But back to thankfulness… ah yes, where was I?

Well, I am thankful for true love – because without it, I wouldn’t have the three weddings to go to this year that I do.

I booked flights for one of them today – First Ever Friend’s – and I am now feeling super excited about the whole thing.

The first wedding is for Uni Housemate and Cycling Boy. This should be a fabulous affair, and I am making the wedding cake.

Then finally, there’s GBman and the Singing Swede. They’re marrying in July in the far end of the Wild West erm… Country… and I can’t wait.

And while we’re on the theme of love, it’s Valentine’s Day on Monday.


I hope I get a card…

Then I can have a thankful Monday, too!

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