Friday 25 February 2011

It's deafinitely a Thankful Friday

Well, my silence on Deafinitely Girly demonstrates that I've been a little busy in the real world this week.

One of the main things to suffer because of all this chaos, is my flat. It's a little in need of a clean. In fact, I think if it were a child, social services would have taken it away by now.

And so this morning, after waking up to my fluff covered carpet, I decided I was going to do a spot of cleaning before I left for work.

I did a load of washing, I dusted a few surfaces and I got my giant Dyson out, which to be fair is where it all started to go a bit wrong.

You see, my Dyson is large, and I am clumsy, and my flat is small, and all three together are, as you can imagine, a recipe for disaster.

First, I knocked a collection of necklaces of a table and, quick as a flash, I was soon looking at them through the glass cylinder of my greedy vacuum. The survivors were to be found clinging to the brush underneath.

Next, I tackled the ladybird corpses by my bedside cabinet. Where do the little blighters come from London peeps?

And while I was doing this, I knocked over a lamp, which knocked over my bottle of Champney's Pillow Mist, which took out my treasured glass Guardian Angel that Ma bought me years ago.

Scrabbling around I found my angel, halo-less, and immediately abandoned cleaning and headed for the kitchen, where I keep the superglue.

The surgery did not go well. I am sad to say, my angel is still halo-less, but at one point my thumb was not. I managed to superglue her halo to it and it wouldn't come off. And in the process of trying to get the halo off, I stuck three of my fingers to the glass chopping board on the kitchen worktop.

Great morning so far, yeah?

So there I was, superglued to a big glass plate with a halo on my thumb and a broken guardian angel... trying not to wonder if the three were connected.

But now, my flat is clean, my left hand has no fingerprints, my guardian angel has no halo and I am in the perpetual traffic jam that is my journey to work.

But I don't care and today is still most definitely a Thankful Friday because I am seeing The Rents later, and I am very very thankful for that!


Cazz said...

But on the plus side, your cleaning antics have left us very thankful you have a blog to document it on! Hilarious. Hope angel gets fixed soon. Have a good weekend and stay away from the superglue.

Anonymous said...

How did you unglue your fingers? i was almost disappointed when you did not turn up in the office with a halo on your thumb!

Anonymous said...

The Rents were thankful it was Friday too!

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