Friday 15 April 2011

Being deaf at the gym

Today is Thankful Friday – my first thankful Friday in quite a while, and it would seem I have much to be thankful for.

Firstly, that I have completed my first week at work without any major drama (touch wood) and apart from pouring a cup of boiling water over my hand on the first day and meeting most of the team with my hand running under the cold water tap in the sink, I think things have gone well.

I am also thankful that spring seems to be well and truly here (touch more wood!!!!) and it’s so lovely waking up in the daylight and walking home from work in the daylight. It makes such a difference to my mood and means that 6am wake-up call isn’t so hideous.

I am missing Gym Buddy however, and the gym, which are both too far away now to see at lunch time. This is not good news on the latter, because I have five weddings this summer and need to fit my double-figure figure into an array of dresses not designed for the Dairy Milk-at-day diet I favour.

There is a gym near my new office that I can join, and I will, but I’d got used to the other one. I knew all the classes off by heart so the fact that I couldn’t hear didn’t matter. I also had Gym Buddy and Web Whizz on hand to be my ears if they needed to, so was always relatively relaxed about the whole thing.

I hate how I feel insecure about things like gym classes and not being able to hear, but then, from what I can work out, hearing people feel quite insecure about them, too. From the ready-formed cliques that seem to be there to the gorgeous fit people surrounding your wobbly bod, it’s a bumpy footpath of self-esteem hazards that even the most confident person must struggle with.

So what am I going to do? Bite the bullet and visit this new gym today.

After all, new job, new mode of transport, new season...

...I may as well throw new body into the mix as well!

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