Wednesday 20 April 2011

Proving my deafness

Yesterday, I got stopped at the ticket barrier of my tube station near work because of my Freedom Pass. Actually I got called to, just after coming through the barriers successfully. It is because of the possibility of this happening that I always slow down when I come through ticket barriers as I can’t hear people asking to see proof that it’s my Freedom Pass – given to me because of my deafness.

Luckily yesterday, I picked up on the guy’s body language and so stopped and looked at him and was able to guess that was what he wanted... after all, it was unlikely to be anything else.

Occasionally though, you get overenthusiastic bus drivers who also ask to see your Freedom Pass, and until recently, I wasn’t on high alert for this. One time, another passenger chased me all the way upstairs to the back of the bus to come and get me because the bus driver wouldn’t go anywhere until I’d showed him my photo card.

It was very embarrassing!

But continuing on this week’s theme of finding the positives, I’ve discovered when travelling on the tube since I started my new job, my accuracy at reading body language means I am usually quite successful at getting a seat, as I can see the little movements people do when their station is approaching. Sometimes it’s obvious – they put their book away and gather their things – but other times it’s little things such as looking out the window more, checking their phone quickly for messages or tapping their feet... all these seem to imply their station is coming up soon.

Of course, it’s not foolproof. Yesterday, I was almost trampled by a woman who was intent on sitting in the seat I was walking towards, and indeed I wasn’t going to fight her for it... although I was a bit shocked by her determination!

And on that note, I’d better get to work...

Have a sunshiny day peeps


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EDNOS said...

Those are some good tips, I'll have to pay more attention to peoples body language on the bus.

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