Thursday 19 May 2011

Deaf girl paints cupboards... badly

Todays blog comes to you typed with brown fingers

Hmmm, yes you see, Blanco left me with one task regarding my new fitted wardrobes that he has expertly built me, and that was to varnish the inside.

I did this last night and it looks like a chocolate mousse exploded all over the place. There are visible brush strokes, bits that are thicker in some places than others, and the white wall at the back of my cupboard? Well lets just say its not that white any more.


In my defense, its the first time I have ever painted anything really – if you forget the time I painted Whiskey Cousins bedroom navy blue and red – and so it was never going to be amazing. But its not even halfway to amazing. If my painting was a cake, itd be flat, burnt and biscuit-like.

And whats even worse is that I have no way of rectifying this before Blanco comes to hang the fourth and final cupboard door, and possibly me with it. Although I do have a plan…

This morning I rang Pa – who is coming down tomorrow for a concert with Great Aunt Wander Nut and me – and asked him if he could make an emergency dash to Homebase today and pick me up a pot of Lollipop paint. This wonderful paint is the most fabulously, edible sweety-coloured shade of pink.

And it is this shade that I am going to paint the back wall of my cupboards in order to conceal the car crash that is my DIY capabilities.

Unless of course, something goes wrong with that

But its pink, what could possibly go wrong with pink?

Actually, dont answer that!

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Jana B said...

So now I'm dying to know how this turned out... pics??

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