Monday 9 May 2011

I want a portable lip-reading light

Hurrah hurrah for a lovely weekend in the Wild West erm...
Country with Jenny M!

I had the most marvellous time catching up, seeing her family, enjoying the Wap, which is an ancient, annual tradition in her village involving throwing the mayor in a pool of water, a queen and several Morris dancers.

Then, when I got back to London, I dashed out to a BBQ at Neu's house. The Photographer was there, too, but no SuperCathyFragileMystic as she had to work...


Also there was Neu's bro – the Cameraman – who travels all over the world filming amazing things. It was genuinely refreshing to meet someone who not only does something they love for a job, but also makes a difference with it.

Anyway, it was a great evening, except that once it got dark that was it for me. No more conversation could be had.

When it’s dark, it's like I'm a budgie and someone's put a blanket over my cage, because when I can't hear, I get sleepy.

I did have my headtorch in my bag, but the problem with this is, that while it helps me hear, it blinds everybody else, which is not a very sociable-good-first-impressions kinda thing to do!

Someone needs to invent a portable anti-glare lipreading light.

So this week is a three-day one for me because from Thursday onwards, I will be baking a VIP wedding cake. Those of you who wonder where I live can stand on Primrose Hill and look for the plume of icing sugar rising in the west. That'll be me.

Of course, I'm nervous about this cake. Nervous about the transportation of 100 butter-iced piped cupcakes in what looks set be the hottest seasonal temperatures since records began, nervous about braking suddenly and seeing 100 butter-iced piped cupcakes flash before my eyes, and nervous that out of the 100 butter-iced cupcakes, there will be one that's gone a little bit wrong.

But on a positive note, 1 out of 100 ain't bad.

Happy Monday everyone!

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Matt and Shari Bailey said...

I came across your blog and hope you don't mind me commenting. I totally agree with you about someone inventing a lipreading light. I have spent countless nights with no conversations as I was growing up and dang it if there had been a lipreading light, parties and night games would be been much more enjoyable instead of just sitting by myself while others continued on and had their fun. haha... Its nice to know there are others out there like me. :) Have a great week!

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