Friday 17 June 2011

Happy Father's Day lovely Pa

Today is Thankful Friday and I am thankful for my wonderful Rents.

With Fathers Day on Sunday, and me not going home to see Pa, they have surprised me with the news that they are going to pop down to London tonight to deliver my new folding bike, a suitcase and just say hello.

Arent they marvelous?

Or should that be, arent I spoilt?

I really am blessed with the most wonderful Ma and Pa. Since the word go, theyve been 100% supportive of everything I do and when theyre not completely in agreement, such as the time, aged 16, I dated a plumber who was nine years older than me and tattooed and pierced all over, they keep a diplomatic silence. This was in this instance the best thing to do, as it meant the novelty wore off far more quickly than it otherwise would have done.

They have also helped me move house more times than either of them would care to remember – and usually up five flights of stairs in buildings without a lift. On one occasion, when I was moving 10 minutes down the road, we did the whole move on foot – double mattresses balanced on heads, coat stands, TV units, you name it, everything was carried down the street like some strange carnival procession.

Reading a news article the other day about how children are not as close to their parents as previous generations due to moving away for work and wotnot, I am wholeheartedly proud of the relationship I have with The Rents, of its transition from one of adult/kid to adult/adult, and of the fact that I can now be there for them in the same way that they are there for me.

And what of my lovely Pa this Fathers Day? Well, I hope hell be sat on the sofa listening to the not-so-surprise present I have bought him. I hope that hell remember, that even though both his children will be in foreign countries on the day, that we love him very much.

And thats all Ive got to say really – Happy Fathers Day lovely Pa.

Big love

DG x

PS. Big Bro, this a erm... subtle reminder that it's Father's Day in the UK on Sunday.


BigBro said...

Haha. It is the same day here too, so not too hard to remember. :)

SpeakUp Librarian said...

I really enjoyed this post, DG. Your parents sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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