Friday 12 August 2011

Deafinitely Girly's Thankful Friday

Today is Thankful Friday and once again I am thankful for chocolate martinis.

I had one last night and it was absolutely delicious.

I am also thankful that, touch wood, London seems to be returning to normal – albeit with fuller prisons and exhausted court officials.

Its amazing how the UKs predicament has made an impact on people worldwide. Take yesterday, when after receiving the fifth email from a library in North Carolina reminding me that my library book was overdue, I emailed them and asked them to stop spamming me.

They replied, immediately and somewhat hurt I think, suggesting I changed my notification preferences if I didnt want emails about the book on feet I had allegedly reserved and the book on budgies that was now one week overdue.

So I replied, explaining that I was in the UK and had indeed never been to North Carolina, or had any interest in feet or budgies in the literary way, which prompted an apology email from them followed by best wishes for the appalling state of our country right now

How lovely was that?

It almost made me wish that my local library was this one in North Carolina, where you can read books on feet and budgies.

Anyway, I am also thankful that Ma is on the mend after she fell off my bike while cycling around the lake near the Rents house.

After two weeks, the holes in her knee and elbow are healing and her bruises are fading, which is amazing considering she looked like shed done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson after the crash.

Ive banned her from cycling again – especially around the lake – but I know she will still go. So Pa is under strict instructions to kit her out in full body armour and a life jacket if she does.

And finally, I am thankful for the amazing team spirit emerging in London in the days after the riot. People left with destroyed businesses, such as Aaron Biber the barber now have something due to ingenious collection pages for them – see Aarons here with its current total standing at nearly £28,000.

Its amazing. Its heartwarming and its hopefully proof that while there are some despicable people out there, there are also some bloomin fantastic ones.

So have a good weekend everyone and a very happy Thankful Friday to you.



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