Tuesday 9 August 2011

The London Riots

Its hard to know what to write about London at the moment.

The city Ive come to know, love and call my home is fast descending into the kind of chaos no one ever imagined would occur.

It makes me feel incredibly sad, frightened and angry.

Frightened being the worst emotion out of the above because it means the rioters are winning. They are relying on us being afraid, and relying on this enabling them to continue this law-breaking behaviour.

Ive been following the riots on Twitter and while this is incredibly informative – if youre following the journalists risking their safety to bring up-to-date news from the scenes of the riots – it is also means you have to sift through the crap before you find the truth.

You have people proclaiming on there that they can see a certain building is on fire and yet, you went past it 5 minutes ago on the bus and it was fine. You have people retweeting this until its halfway around the Twittersphere in a matter of minutes and theres mass hysteria all around.

So last night, on the advice of GBman and Uni Housemate, I turned off Twitter and tried to sleep, aware that all around me battles were raging, and feeling as though nothing was scared in London anymore.

And then this morning I awoke to the gentle tweets of the Twitter riotcleanup army – these tweets gathered momentum and became a dawn chorus of togetherness. OK, so we cant beat the rioters, but we can help prevent them from leaving us on the floor helpless.

There are people in this capital who have lost everything in the last couple of days – and Im afraid to say this might not be the end of it.

In the context of all this, Deafinitely Girly might go a bit quiet for a while, for even though life is going on as normal, its not normal. Wondering if your bus is going to get attacked, your local Tesco looted or the your flat burnt down is NOT normal.

But lets hope we get back to normal soon. And then DG will be back to her normal ramblings about random things.

Lots of love guys

DG x


Anonymous said...

What started a riot? Is it because of the police's arresting a robber?

(e said...

Wow. Must be terrifying. Hope things go back to normal quickly. Be careful.


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