Tuesday 8 January 2013

Deaf Girly's broken hearing aid?

On Saturday I woke up to discover a herd of tap dancing elephants had moved into my skull. And I hold my guilty hands up and admit this was a hangover.

I punished myself by not changing a single one of my Saturday plans. I climbed with Art Man and as the day wore on, I wondered whether I'd crossed the age threshold that brings about 2-day hangovers as the tap dancing elephants remained. As did a rather persistent cough.

On Sunday, I woke up ill.

The kind of ill where you wake up at 5am needing water and painkillers but you cannot move and another two hours pass with you laying there face down willing everything to stop spinning.

This was worse than a hangover.

So Sunday's plans were cancelled.

I staggered from bed to kitchen to make
Lemsip and refill my hot water bottle. I drank pints of ice-filled squash to bring my temperature down and I prayed I'd feel better on Monday as guess what? I have a new job people!

I started it yesterday. Dosed up on Day Nurse and Lemsip alternatively. I wheezed and sniffed my way through meetings while praying I didn't infect my new team, but really not seeing an alternative. I mean who calls in sick on their first day.

Anyway, yesterday morning, through the fug of my sinus congestion, I put in my hearing aids in readiness for the day ahead and the right one appeared to be broken. I couldn't hear through it. It wasn't enhancing anything. I couldn't even hear the start up beeps.

It was most odd.

I was gutted.

This morning however, the congestion had moved to my chest. I woke up gurgling; purring like a cat when I breathed in. Indeed, I spent from 5am until 6am feeling like I was drowning when I breathed in.

But when I put in my hearing aids, I could faintly hear the start up beep of my right one. Could my congestion have stuffed my hearing so much I thought my aid had broken?!

Apparently so.

This might seem like a dumb question but is that likely?

So today in preparation for my second day, I have my T-loop fully charged for meetings, I have my left hearing aid's volume cranked up to full, and I have Lemsip at the ready.

If I could just stop my lungs from sounding like I had a purring cat stuffed up my jumper I'd be sorted!!

Happy Tuesday peeps

DG x


mike said...

dear deaf girlie
i once drank 80 proof scotch very stupidly i drank way to much and had a 3 day hangover i had i used flat pepsi to help me upchuck my insides after being to stupid i have never touched scotch again since i mostly drink only beer and wine in moderation very little i tend to be more of a wine person if i drink beer im very picky of my brands and drink only a few i drink water and bread products they say asparagus is good for a hangover and a product called blowfish is said to cure u of hangovers believe me hangovers are no fun espially when u got those dancing republican elephants in ur head i say buy blowfish

Amy said...

It is very likely that you couldn't hear because of head gunk. That's how my hearing went in the first place.

When your Eustachian tubes are blocked up your ear drum cannot move as much so any sound coming in has to be that much louder to have an impact. My Eustachian tubes are clogged with scar tissue thus why I need the aids.

Hope you feel better soon and congratulations on the new job!

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