Monday 14 January 2013

Deaf Girly in winter

Ok, so this morning I woke up to the beautiful sight of snow scattered over west London.

From the comfort of my onesie while stood against my radiator, it looked beautiful.

I turned on the TV. Snow it seems is the apocalypse. The news was reporting that world was going to stop working bit by bit, starting with public transport.

Winter has arrived, I thought to myself as I threw on my thermal tights and contemplated the contents of my wardrobe.


However, it's not really winter that I have a problem with. I like snow, and air so chilly it freezes your nose hair off. I just dislike being cold.

I dislike being the kind of cold where your joints hurt, fingers go red, and all you want to do is curl up sleep on the very freezing pavement you can't will your frozen feet to move down.

I hate it.

So this winter I have a plan. I'm going not to get cold.

This plan starts at my feet - sheepskin lined boots, goes up my legs - thermal tights, into my outfit - 8 layers, and then finishes with my coat - long and wool, followed by a blanket, that I am wearing as a scarf.

'A blanket as a scarf?! Who does that?' you might ask.

And the answer is me.

And the next answer is 'yes, it bloody does work and I love it.'

This morning, I wrapped my cashmere wool blanket around my neck before leaving the house. Topped with a fleece-lined hat and some elbow-length gloves.

I have no idea what I looked like because I couldn't see out from the swathes of cashmere and wool.

I walked to the bus stop.

I was warm.

My toes were warm.

My knees were warm.

My body was warm and most importantly my head and neck were warm.

It was amazing.

People stood shivering at the bus stop.

I was warm.

And now I'm safely ensconced on the top deck and...


I'm melting.

I'm like the John Lewis snowman now Christmas is over.

I'm wearing a cashmere/wool blanket on public transport for goodness sake. Public transport that is so packed I have no room to lift my arm to even think about removing one of my gazillion layers.

So it's back to the drawing board.

But in the meantime, from my seat on the bus where I am radiating enough heat to warm a small cottage in the Yorkshire moors, I wish you a very happy Monday peeps!

DG x

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