Monday 20 October 2014

A thankful Monday

Today's blog is about one of my favourite people.

I haven't seen him for more years than I knew him now, but he's here. He's everywhere.

Whenever I see people queuing for tube tickets or crossing platforms to change tube lines.

Whenever I walk through Soho in the evening and remember aged 15 when I was wide-eyed in wonder.

Whenever I stroll through the park and see the slightly wonky tree – the tallest of four. The strongest. A launch pad for messages heading for the sky.

Whenever I don't boil the potatoes long enough. Or when I feel the need to watch Flashdance.

Or better still, Grand Designs.

Whenever I start a chore and fall asleep on the sofa – leaving it unfinished and mess everywhere.

And whenever I'm cooking while holding a glass of wine chatting to people in the kitchen – I must do this last one more often.

People don't really go. I mean they disappear from your life physically but it's all the little things they leave behind that pepper your daily life with awesome memories and experiences.

So today, on this slightly chaotic, vaguely sunny, bother-it's-Monday kind of day, I'm thinking of him.

Big love

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