Tuesday 7 October 2014

Deaf Girly and subtitled TV

I've recently moved into a new flat. It's awesome. For many, many reasons. *beams

Not least because there is no one living downstairs

*pauses for a moment for the amazingness of that information to sink in*

In our lovely new flat we have decided to trial having no TV. There's no real place to put one in the living room and I've accidentally put all my jewellery, make-up and beauty products on the shelf designed for a TV in the bedroom.

When this idea was first discussed my first worry was about the lack of subtitles on internet TV but so far, in our 2-month experiment of having no TV, I've mostly been pleasantly surprised.

On my iPad I can watch catch-up TV on the iPlayer app and Channel 5 app with subtitles. Giving me a fantastic spectrum of high brow and trashy television.

And on my laptop I get the following:

BBC iPlayer catch up – all subtitled

4OD – from what I have found so far… all subtitled. But the app is not subtitled. *sad face

Netflix – lots is not subtitled. But I've found some good stuff that is.

Amazon Prime – hahahahahahahaha subtitles WHAT ARE THEY?

So as you see, it could be a lot worse.

However, the thing I miss the most is BBC Breakfast news. Even though the subtitles on the TV were terrible, they were better than nothing. Live news on my laptop has no subtitles at all.

This means that I have to read my morning news fix from the BBC news mobile app instead. It is not the same.

I miss Bill Turnbull. I love Bill Turnbull.

When I was researching streaming subtitled stuff online before writing this blog, I kept finding old threads from 2012 and earlier complaining about the lack of subtitles on everything. So in two years, things have already improved dramatically.

Therefore, I can only hope that things will continue to improve dramatically. Apps will all get subtitles – with BBC iPlayer and Channel 5 leading the way. But in the meantime, I may just try and stay still long enough in the morning to lipread Bill on BBC Breakfast…

My morning routine just isn't the same without him.

PS. Got any great knowledge on subtitled TV apps/websites? Let me know


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