Thursday 5 February 2015

Deaf Girly Reviews gets up and running

I have exciting news. See that tab just above this blog post that says 'Deaf Girl Reviews'? Well, I've finally got it up and running – and I've posted my first review too, about the Subtitles Viewer app available on iOS.

Deaf Girl Reviews is going to be the place where I write about my cinema and theatre experiences, the latest tech, apps I've found and anything else techy or deaf-consumer related.

Why? Because there's so many things out there that can help that I don't know about yet. And the things I do know about, other people don't know about. It's like that wonderful speech that Donald Rumsfeld gave about unknown unknowns, which later became the inspiriting of a brilliant book by Mark Forsyth about independent bookshops called The Unknown Unknown, which is well worth a read if it's currently unknown to you.

So if there's something I should know about, write about, review, pull apart or try, then get in touch with me @deafgirly on Twitter, where I can mostly be found tweeting about the extraordinarily large amount of Tunnocks Caramel Wafers I manage to eat, or email me at

Happy Thursday peeps


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