Friday, 23 January 2009

Hurrah for Friday

Today, is Thankful Friday!

Hurrah, fantastic and three cheers I say!

Last night we went out to celebrate The Writer’s birthday – it was a very civilised affair naturally and Clever Katie, Shakira Shakira and Penelope Cruz-a-like came, too.

We started in a bar in Mayfair and ordered cocktails – the guys next to us kept staring and it was only when we left, two hours later that one of them asked me – are you Girls Aloud?

Hahahaha ahem…

Anyway, this led to a lengthy discussion about who looked like who, with none of us wanting to look like Sarah or Nicola!

In the next bar, The Writer and I directed a man looking for coke to the cloakroom as we misheard him. Cloak/coke – it’s easily done! He looked slightly baffled but joined the queue anyway before repeating his question and then running off when he saw the looks of horror on our faces.

I am also thankful that Gingerbread Man is back from his travels – as I want to hear all about them. I am not thankful however that he is threatening to emigrate…
It's bad enough that Earthenware Man did that without Gingerbread Man following...


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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear all about it!

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