Friday 16 January 2009

Neighbours, everybody needs CLOTHED Neighbours

Ok, so today is Thankful Friday, and let’s keep this short and sweet shall we…

Mostly, I am thankful that it is Friday and I made it through the turbulent week unscathed.

I am also thankful that the latest hearing blip means I now sleep through the bin collections at 6am – hurrah! No more waking and thinking the end of the world is nigh!

However, there is one thing I am not thankful for…

Ugly Naked Neighbour!

I thought I had been saved, as it appears someone bought her a blind for Christmas and recently the slats have been closed, giving me respite from her voluptuous and mostly-naked bosom.

Until this morning…

There I was, full of the joys of Friday, midway through a mouthful of toast, about to open my curtains unaware of the sight on the other side.

And there she was in full (un)resplendent, naked glory wandering around her living room, bosom swinging.

The rest of my breakfast went in the bin and I have resolved to open my curtains with my eyes closed from now on.

Mental note to self:
Send a blackout blind to Ugly Naked Neighbour next Christmas.

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