Wednesday 7 January 2009

I know it’s odd but…

I feel strangely optimistic today. In the sea of January depression, shocking headlines, bleak financial reports and crap weather, I can’t help but smile.

And I have no idea why!

In fact, rather disturbingly, I was actually awake and ready to start the day at 5.50am… although that could have been because my room was so cold I needed to get moving or I would have become a human ice lolly.

Keen to get to the bottom of this, I have written a highly confidential list of why I might be smiling and came up with the following:

I still have a cup-a-soup left in my packed lunch and it’s not out of date

Um, no I really don’t think that’s it.

I am not as broke as I thought I would be by now and February rent is already paid…

Well, it could be that.

I hadn’t really lost my hearing aids in the French Alps as I previously feared, I had just completely forgotten to take them with me in the first place.

Phew, at least the NHS won’t beat me with a stick anymore, but that’s really not enough to make me smile this much.

So, what could it be that is making me smile?
The jury is out on that one.

Answers on a postcard please…

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