Tuesday 6 January 2009

Credit sshhhhhh

Well, brrr it’s cold in here and I am writing today’s blog from the comfort of my desk while hugging a hot water bottle! That’s the wonderful thing about my job – I occasionally get brilliant freebies, like hot water bottles, which come in handy at times like these.

Everything in the papers seems to be about saving money, the credit crunch and what not, and Deafinitely Girly has taken note. I have another New Year’s resolution – packed lunches! It’s day 2 and to tell you the truth, I am struggling to get excited about the sandwich I made at 6.30am!

I don’t really like the term credit crunch though – it’s used far to flippantly these days by just about everyone and it’s an incorrect use of an onomatopoeia in my book, too.

Am not sure if Lovely Freelancer will correct me on this or not, but I do think that the word ‘crunch’ is an onomatopoeia, and if it is then it isn’t really true with the word credit. An onomatopoeia is the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named – so things like buzz, sizzle and of course crunch. But there aren’t gigantic crunching noises being heard up and down the country as people run out of money, businesses go bankrupt and house prices fall. There may be wails, screams and moaning but I can pretty much guarantee there are no crunches.

But then, what do I know? I can’t even hear crunches as I discovered last night. You see, as part of my money-saving crusade, I am trying to eat everything in my kitchen cupboard before buying new stuff. So, last night for tea I had out-of-date soup with out-of-date Turkish pasta thrown in, followed by almost out-of-date sunflower seeds, which needed to be crunched out of their shells. And so, I sat there in silence munching away, watching TV with New Housemate…

…except for him it wasn’t so silent – as he could hear my crunching


Perhaps I should ask him if he can hear the credit crunch, too!

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Anonymous said...

No need for corrections Girly, you're right about the onomatopoeia. I think the phrase is used so journalists can make a pun on other words about eating eg, where will the credit crunch bite next?! Or Girly's Credit Crunchy Pasta recipe!

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