Tuesday 14 April 2009

Easy listening

Ahhh, what a lovely Easter break I had.

French Cousin 2 came over from Paris and we visited The Rents, which involved lots of tea drinking, delicious food eating and movie watching – all with subtitles – HURRAH.

We had planned picnics and bike rides but the atrocious weather put a stop to those ideas...


However, on our return to London yesterday we were greeted by some sunshine, so we walked our feet off in a vague attempt to repent our chocolate-eating sins and had a great rummage through fabulous charity shops in posh areas – some great bargains were found!

But spare a thought for French Cousin 2 today, because she had to leave my flat at 4.30am to get the Eurostar back this morning. It was with bleary eyes that I waved her off, her suitcase laden with crumpets, chocolate raisins and Golden Syrup, before I returned to bed.

I lay there, aware that it was stupid o’clock, but quite unable to get back to sleep. So I did something quite unlike me – I listened.

I didn’t assume I couldn’t hear things, instead I lay there and tried to hear things. Trouble is, because I don’t know what I can’t hear, I don’t know what I didn’t hear. But here’s what I did hear…


Three motorbikes, one siren (this pleased me as I am not normally aware of these), a door slamming downstairs (blimmin’ neighbours), several cars zooming by, an engine running for a while nearby. It was rather soothing, this listening business, so soothing in fact that I was soon fast asleep again.

And when I woke, I discovered I had slept through my vibrating alarm, New Housemate clattering around the flat and leaving for work, the start of rush hour traffic chugging past my bedroom window, and several emails buzzing through on Pinkberry.


I was late

and tired

And as many hard of hearing people know, tiredness is not conducive to easy listening. So I’m preserving my energy and not doing any at all today.

Until later that is…


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