Thursday 9 April 2009

The visit of French Cousin 2

This week, I don't get to name the days of the week. Tomorrow won't be Thankful Friday, it'll be Good Friday, and today is Maundy Thursday and yesterday was Holy Wednesday.

Today, I am most excited because French Cousin 2 is coming over from Paris to stay. She's quite excited about the whole situation too, and sent me an email about keeping goats in the south of France.

Hmmm, yes...

I think she's another lucky family member who inherited the ‘eccentric’ gene.

Do you know, when she was about 11, she set up a cult called the Soldive Melon Cult? She converted a load of people at her school, had them worship her as an idol and had this catchy prayer chant with actions that to this day, I can still remember.

One Christmas she even baptised London Uncle – with melon juice.

*Should I be telling you this?

Anyway, while I should point out that French Cousin 2 is not still in the habit of running religious cults based on fruit, she has carried this refreshing originality with her throughout her life.

And this is good for me because whenever I visit her in Paris, she always finds the most utterly brilliant things to do.

Regular readers will know that last time I went [see Life On Mars post] she took me to an bar with fake grass and deck chairs where we watched a Russian silent movie full of propaganda and um... aliens – or a Martian princess called Aelita to be precise.

The live music accompanying it can only be compared to the sound of a million castrated dogs howling and by the time it finished, there was barely an open eye in the house – including mine.

So this weekend when French Cousin comes over, I need something wonderfully original to take her to.

Something that beats a Russian propaganda silent movie watched on deck chairs and fake grass.

Suggestions on a postcard please!


Big Bro said...

Answer is emailed to you regarding linking. :D

French Cousin 2 said...

Hehe, the Sol Dive melon cult... To be honest, I wasn't the only one leading the cult - a friend of mine was involved as co-priestess. Maybe I should track her down: she would probably be open to my goat keeping idea!
I'm still at work... see you in England in the afternoon :-))

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