Friday 29 May 2009

Dairy Milk for breakfast

Today as you know is Thankful Friday! And I think I am most extremely thankful for the weather! It's gorgeous! Proper warm it is! I only hope it lasts for the weekend as I'm off to Brighton to see Guru Tambo!

Guru Tambo is my old boss from my first ever London job and since I worked with her, she's upped sticks with her hubby, moved to Brighton, got a dog and had a lovely baby boy. I haven't seen her since she did all this so I’m very much looking forward to catching up on the beach! Hurrah!

I am going to take my new and lovely hat to wear so I don't fall over in the sun.

Anyway, I had the most interesting conversation with my friend Tigger the other day. He's the one who came to stay and did a cartwheel in the Tate Modern.

I asked him if I could have dairy milk for breakfast.

‘Yes,’ he replied. ‘It's not bad for you and contains calcium.’
I thought for a moment wondering if he was being sarcastic, but he really wasn't. He honestly was encouraging me to have dairy milk for breakfast.
‘What about the sugar content?’ I asked.

‘Sugar?’ he said, ‘what are you on about?’ And then he sent me a breakdown of the vitamin and mineral and everything content of dairy milk.

‘If you're really worried,’ he said, ‘you could have rice or soya milk.’

Tick, tick, tick, tick

And then I twigged…

He thought I meant the white stuff that comes from cows – dairy milk, whereas I meant the brown stuff that comes from Cadbury's – Dairy Milk.

Tigger was horrified at this – he runs marathons and does terribly healthy things like not eating Dairy Milk for breakfast.

But I checked and a bar of Dairy Milk contains the equivalent of three quarters of a pint of fresh liquid milk in every half pound of milk chocolate, which means technically I'm getting calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin D, along with a host of other things that are found in milk if I eat enough of it that is.

So maybe I can have it for breakfast after all!

And that's just one more thing to be thankful for today…


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm still not sure. Its rubbish in Tea.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Funny story! Dairy Milk for breakfast sounds like a sweet start to the day! Best to have a second bar with you for later when the sugar rush wears off. *smile*

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