Thursday 28 May 2009

Marmite dreams

Last night I ate half a block of the new Marmite cheese that's just come out. Snowboarding Boy will be glad he wasn't there to witness such an act – he’s quite a hater of the stuff. But it was truly delicious – a wonderfully gooey mixture of cheese and Marmite all in one mouthful. All it needed was a dollop of salad cream to make it a gourmet feast! Yum!

And then I closed my eyes and boy, did I have some weird dreams – Pete Burns was in them. But not like that! Ew!

Google tells me that cheese giving you nightmares is something of a myth, however a study in 2005 found that different types of cheese can give you different types of dreams! Apparently, Cheddar, which is what I had, makes you dream of celebrities… and I guess Pete Burns is kind of a celebrity.

I wonder if the added Marmite aspect made the trip any worse. Or it could have just been that Pete Burns just happened to be in a taxi next to my car as I was on my way to climbing last night and his face became indelibly ingrained on my memory. Google him and you'll understand!

Anyway, so where are we... well it's Thursday and it's nearly June! My, my, doesn't time fly eh?
Except on this morning's bus journey. My bus is being held at every stop briefly in order to help regulate the service!


I'm going to be late.

But it has given me the time to people-watch out the window, and once again, there goes Reading Girl.

I see her most mornings walking along the road, laden down with bags and reading. She navigates other pedestrians, dogs on leads, main and terrifyingly busy roads, and uneven pavements all while not looking up from her latest novel. It's quite incredible!

Of course, I do wonder if she's ever had a mishap doing this or if she is quite simply capable of walking without looking where she's going.

All I know is, I am not. One of the pitfalls of lipreading is that it does rather prevent you from looking in the direction that you're walking in if your talking to someone, which is why, yesterday, while going to get some lunch with Gym Buddy, I walked smack bang into a bollard.


Thankfully, I work in a busy part of London with lots of crazy people wandering around, so the site of a blonde girl maiming herself on a bollard wasn't too out of the ordinary, but for me, it was mortifying and hilarious all in one go. To be honest, I'm not sure whether it was injury or laughter that prevented me from standing upright afterwards.

So what I want to know is, it is possible to perfect the art of looking where you're going, without actually looking where you're going? Reading Girl seems to have managed it. Has anyone else?


SpeakUp Librarian said...

Reading Girl - what a fascinating character!
I'm definitely more of the walking into things type person myself. I have to go google Marmite, Pete Burns, and bollard now.

Me said...

Hahahaha! You made me laugh out loud with your comment! Marmite is ace – can't believe the US doesn't have it. But then you do have Bush's Baked Beans and Combos! xx

SpeakUp Librarian said...

I love the Bush's Baked Beans ads where the dog is always attempting to give away the family recipe. My dog looks very similar.

When I first read your comment, I thought what is ace? Then I realized you meant "top notch" or whatever. I thought I knew lots of "Britishisms" from all the British books I read but I'm still learning.

Me said...

Haha – we do have some weird words over here. What's your replacement word for ace?

I actually wrote to Bush's when I was a kid and asked them to stock them in England... they said no :-(

What kind of dog do you have?

SpeakUp Librarian said...

My dog's a golden retriever, the red kind. Here's my favorite photo of him: Rusty.

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