Friday 8 May 2009

Das Wochenende

Today is thankful Friday and I am thankful for my wonderful friends – all of them!

Friends come in all shapes and sizes I find, and this weekend the ones I am seeing are coming from Switzerland, so they are Swiss shaped – whatever that may be!

The Swiss-shaped person coming to visit me is First Ever Friend – called that because she really was my first ever friend. We met in kindergarten and stuck together when a nasty girl
tried to bully us. I found that nasty girl on Facebook recently and it would seem she fell out of the ugly tree later on in her life and thwacked a few branches on the way down.


First Ever Friend is one of my few friends that knew me as a not-deaf-but-deaf-really person – along with her and SuperCathyFragileMystic they thought what I thought - that I wasn't um... deaf.

It's not that it really makes any difference – but sometimes I do wonder whether you can define my life in two sections – Before Knowing About Deafness (BkAD) and After Knowing About Deafness (AkAD).
BkAD, I was full of these unrealistic hopes and dreams: I was going to be a concert violist, have a flat in the Wild West um... Country, write best-selling children’s' books (I didn't know that plagiarism of Topsy & Tim was illegal at that age) and live
on a nutritious diet of Smash and apple crumble.

AkAD, I was full of these unrealistic um...

*Oh crap

Except now, I don't want to be a concert violinist or a plagarising children's author...

I'd like to be the star in the reasonably-priced car, write lots of original stuff and live on a nutritious diet of London restaurants...

*sits and ponders the effects this may have on her double-figures figure

I think the main difference between BkAD and AkAD is that BkAD, I led my life and dictated where, however unrealistic, I wanted to go with stubborn abandon. But for a long time AkAD, I think I let my deafness do the talking about what I could and couldn't wish for.

Recently however, I've noticed chinks of my BkAD armour showing through, and I'm finding it quite refreshing

Maybe I should have some Smash and apple crumble for lunch...

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a good idea. Keep dreaming!

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