Thursday, 3 December 2009

An Early Thankful Friday

Today is Thankful Friday – for DG anyway, because I have tomorrow off.

Tomorrow, I am baking London Cousin 1s birthday cake – she's 10 and has requested a giant cupcake for the occasion.

I am also catching up with Gingerbread Man, who, now I have moved, is my neighbour!


So anyway, what am I thankful for?

Well, firstly I am thankful for my new, lovely flat – albeit with its noisy heating and shonky tiling. It's amazing having my own space, being able to bash nails in to any old bit of wall – I have yet to do this – and care for something that really is mine... not merely on loan for exorbitant amounts of rent.

It's so refreshing that every day I wake up and grin.

And what could be better than that?

1 comment:

NikNak said...

ooh GREAT - you are baking another Giant Cupcake, your new oven will be amazing!

Ive had sooo many compliments on the Wedding Cup Cakes i think you have to go into business - 'DG Cup Cakes' it's a winner!

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